Your HIBACHI dinner includes Salad with our Special Hibachi Japanese Dressing, Fried Rice, Shrimp Sampler (2), and Oriental Vegetables, all complimented by our own Seasonings and Exotic Sauces. Each dinner is prepared for you at your Teppanyaki table in the finest Japanese tradition by your very own chef.



Chicken or Shrimp Teriyaki  9.95
Scallops, Salmon or Tilapia Teriyaki 10.95
New York Strip Steak 11.95
Filet Mignon 15.95


Hibachi Vegetables 14.95
Chicken Teriyaki 17.95
New York Strip Steak 25.95
Filet Mignon 29.95


Shrimp Teriyaki 19.95
Tilapia Teriyaki 19.95
Salmon Teriyaki 21.95
Scallops Teriyaki 22.95
Lobster Tail Teriyaki 49.95


Fried Rice (Rice with Egg and Vegetables Cooked At Your Table)  4.95
Fried Noodles (Noodles & Vegetables Cooked At Your Table)  4.95
Scallops, Shrimp or Chicken Fried Rice or Noodles (Twice the Size of Our Plain Fried Rice)  9.95
Chicken or Vegetables  6.95
Shrimp or Tilapia  7.95
New York Steak, Salmon or Scallops  9.95
Filet Mignon 15.95
Lobster Tail 25.95

For your dining pleasure your personal chef and server will take care of your every need.
Your chef and server will share the gratuity
$1.50 Additional for Substitution of Fried Noodles for Fried Rice
For Each Hibachi Entrée Your Fried Rice Can Be Upgraded
To Shrimp or Chicken Fried Rice for $3.95, Shrimp or Chicken Fried Noodles for $3.95